Why Choose Us?

More than crunching the numbers

As business consultants, our broad experience across a wide range of industries gives us the opportunity to see the best and correct the worst practices in over 300 companies. We bring this experience to you and your business.

How we will help you achieve the best and avoid the worst

  • Provide an accounting system that enables managers to make prudent business decisions, optimize the operation of the business and maintain control over company assets
  • Use segment or cost center reporting to ascertain department performance
  • Maintain variable cost structure so that expenses can be adjusted according to variable sales levels
  • Properly plan and budget for particular jobs, contracts, or seasonal variations
  • Avoid poor internal controls or improper documentation of financial records which would cause problems when confronted with a tax audit or disclosure of financial reports to investors or lenders
  • Avoid poor monitoring of costs as a percentage of revenues and failure to reduce expenses in response to a declining sales outlook (specifically, cost of goods sold and payroll)
  • Avoid inaccurate or insufficient markup or pricing errors

Keeping you out of trouble

We work diligently to ensure that you are in compliance with all current tax laws while minimizing your tax burden. We also ensure that your business has the internal controls to meet your internal obligations.

How we will keep you out of trouble

  • Ensure that you pay at least the minimum federal and state estimated payments required to avoid underpayment interest and penalties
  • Maintain proper segregation of personal and business expenses
  • Keep you compliant with constantly changing tax laws. We continuously seek opportunities to reduce taxes by taking advantage of favorable tax laws and rulings
  • Assist you in development of internal controls to ensure compliance with company policies and laws
  • Maintain accounting records in accordance with GAAP or Other Comprehensive Basis of Accounting

With you for the long haul

Our employees are with us all year-round so the person who does your taxes in April will still be here to help you in November. We are, of course, very proactive in maintaining our knowledge of general tax and accounting issues, but we go beyond this to constantly educate ourselves on the issues facing the industries in which our clients operate.

How we stay on top

  • Maintain open communication with you to allow for guidance and expertise on business, tax and accounting matters
  • Comply with industry mandated Continuing Professional Education
  • Receive daily email alerts from various professional associations
  • Subscribe to industry and accounting publications such as Automotive News, Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger, Journal of Accounting, and others
  • Member of Government Relations Committee for Chamber of Commerce
  • Attend seminars that address issues specific to our clients' industries
  • Visit the client's place of business
  • Members in good standing with the AICPA, CSCPA, EBPAQC and other professional organizations
  • Comply with Peer Review Standards

About The Firm

Orange & Martorelli, LLP has been in business since 1992 and in that time has grown steadily and rapidly to keep pace with an ever-increasing client base. We provide a broad range of accounting services to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Our personalized and professional services foster a long-term relationship that evolves with you over time.

Our primary services include accounting, auditing, tax planning and compliance, business consulting and litigation support. We also offer a host of specialty services to cater to the unique needs of our clients. Our partners and staff accountants serve individuals, corporations, partnerships and non-profit organizations. We take the time to understand each of our client's specific needs and determine the impact of current accounting issues and tax laws.

Each one of our partners offers the benefit of decades of experience and all are members in good standing of multiple professional organizations. Our firm undergoes a rigorous Peer Review examination that evaluates our quality control system and ensures our compliance with AICPA and CSCPA required practices and procedures.

Professional Associations

  • American Institute of CPAs
  • Connecticut Society of CPAs
  • Milford Chamber of Commerce
  • New Haven Chamber of Commerce
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center